Frequently Asked Questions

Both (Hygiene, odour removal) treatments can be used for any interior?

Yes – However, for medium or strong odour removal the treatment may has to be repeated until satisfactory result achieved.

How often the Car Hygiene treatment should be performed?

The recommended frequency by the manufacturer – quarterly with average use of a car, but at least twice a year at spring and fall. This will reduce the health related hazards at high allergy or flu season.

How long the “Fresh Rain” smell can be noticed?

The light Fresh Rain smell followed by the O3 HCG Hygiene Treatment usually noticeable for 2-3 days at average use.

How long the O3 odour remover last?

The O3 odour remover effect is permanent, if there is no new source of odor contamination.

How many times the O3 HCG odor treatment has to be performed if the car has very strong odour?

Above average smell contaminated Car interior (years of smoking) might have to be treated more than once, before all undesired odors will disappear.

The O3 HCG Disinfection treatment can effect anyone’s health or allergies?

The O3 HCG technology is not using any chemical substances as disinfectant agent therefore it’s use considered to be safe. At this time the manufacture not aware of any known health risk. Air-out guidelines (by treatment personnel) must be kept!

The O3 HCG treatment is effective help to reduce the A/C bad odour?

Treatment can be used to help in the average disinfection/deodorizing process. The main advantage of the HCG Hygiene Robot the “One Shot” treatment time, both functions are performed simultaneously and will destroy the odor molecules. For the removal of the typical “bad, rotten egg” smell form the A/C, none of the above will be effective if in the A/C evaporator core has sizeable fungus-mold deposit. This first must be removed, cleaned properly with appropriate tool used by the Mobilsept™ partners for proper result.

What is O3 technology?

Ozone (O3) is commonly used as an “activated oxygen”. It contains a 3rd oxygen atom unlike the air we breathe in which has 2 oxygen atoms. Ozone has the second most efficient sterilization effect therefore it`s widely and effectively used against bacteria, viruses and permanent removal processes of undesired smells. Ozone can be found in Mother Nature and is often produced when lightening occurs. The result is the after storm “fresh rain smell” which is a present from Mother Nature The produced O3 is in gas for and gives a 100% access to all (impossible or hard to reach) areas of the interior. This excellent treatment method is successfully tested and certified by laboratory test results.

Should other type of car scent be used following the treatments?

Other type of car scents- odoriser can be used at anyone discretion. Immediate use of other type (after treatment) might cause some discomfort due to the mixing process of the other scents.

What is the cost for the HCG O3 Hygiene Robot treatment?

The Mobilsept™ O3 Hygiene Robot treatment costs are set by each Partnercenter, however the guideline for the Hygiene Robot treatment usually does not exceed the € 25.00/$ 25.00 level.

What has to be removed from the car before the treatment?

Only large items (boxes, clothing etc.) should be removed from the seats. Items in side pockets, center console can remain (food particles removed!) and the carpet-seat has to be in (vacuumed) clean condition,. See our demo film (soon)

Can the treatment cause any harm to electronic components?

Absolutely not. This system is safe to use in any vehicle’s interior. The concentration of the produced O3 gas and automated treatment time can not cause any harm (regardless if repeated) even to an open printed-circuit’s component or mechanical parts.

The Mobilsept™ O3 Hygiene Robot treatment against which group of virus-bacteria-fungus is effective?

The treatment by using O3 gas as wide spectrum agent, which gives us an excellent result in the preventive process against most of the microorganisms.

Preventive or curative hygiene treatment?

The O3 Hygiene treatment performed regularly by our partners is designed to provide the necessary average hygiene level for the interior of the car. In the event of person travelled with infectious disease or high allergy, asthma symptom the curative treatment effectively will help to maximize the level of hygiene for the interior. This process also can be performed by doubling the Hygiene Robot’s running time.

Is the hygiene treatment effective against dust mites?

Partly yes, but if this needed after the Hygiene Treatment request Anti-Mite treatment (special spray) for all textile surfaces.

The Anti-Mite treatment is available separately?

Yes. The Anti-Mite treatment provides very efficient interior protection for travelers with strong allergy or asthma problems. Anti-Mite treatments are usually needed only at humidity level over 80% and temperature over 22 °C or 75 °F conditions.