Can your car endangering your health?!
Our health it’s not seasonal!


The HCG series is uniquely developed and built with the correct technology for the Automotive Service professionals with heavy duty “Cabin Air-Surface” and “Air Duct and A/C system” disinfection ozone generators. Using a different type of cleaning process, where users are not aware in the RECIRC mode where incoming fresh air dilution and cabin filter condition are important factors! The use of HCG Robot does not require ignition ON mode!   The use of cleaning or disinfecting sprays, foam products in the ventilation system is critical and can be harmful due to the various electrical sensors or panels which are not visible but exposed to the inside air. Therefore, any form of liquid could cause an electrical malfunction or permanent damage to the part. Odor removal from the plastic air vent tubes and ducts can be very difficult! This unit is specifically designed for commercial use in the automotive industry, for fast “One Phase” hygiene and odor treatment with the safe but efficient 2.5 gr/hrs O3 capacity for the complete passenger cabin interior, and for the A/C –Heating – Ventilation systems. With built-in active O3 warning light (OSHA and EU workers safety regulation) and Cabin + A/C duct disinfecting feature with various menus, operation is easy. With push button operation and pre-set 27 minutes running time, you will have a perfect result whether you need to shock treat the passenger area and A/C vent for bad odors or just use it for the important preventive hygiene treatment. Both tasks can be easily performed with the “One Phase” capacity on the pre-programmed running time.